A Tribute to Sam Simon

3 years ago by officialpeta, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatm

Sam Simon was a kind and generous soul who respected all animals and loved PETA's work. He helped PETA save dozens of bears, a horse from the race track, an elephant, a camel, pigs, and other animals suffering from isolation, abuse, and pain. He saved countless dogs and cats through The Sam Simon Foundation and his support of PETA's mobile spay-and-neuter clinics, and he not only advocated for vegan choices in all manner of things, from products to clothing, but also was a strong opponent of the abuse of animals in movies, on TV, in amusement parks like SeaWorld, in circuses like Ringling, in horse and greyhound racing, and in advertising. This is a speech that Sam made at the dedication ceremony for the naming of PETA's Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters—The Sam Simon Center. We are honored to have worked closely with Sam and will continue to be able to do more in his name because of his legacy.

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