How To Figure Out What's Right For Your Body: Q&A with Chef Jason Wrobel

4 years ago by EcoVeganGal , Eco-Vegan Gal

Whitney and guest Jason Wrobel, a vegan chef, answer questions about plant-based nutrition, handling emotions, raising cats, tattoos and piercings, and more.

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- Announcements-
4:25 Jason Wrobel introduces himself
5:31 Sunbiotics

- Eat -


-It seems I have digestive issues when Ie at most vegan foods.
-I’ve been feeling very sluggish and fatigued and I’ve been feeling weak and getting migraines.
-I’ve been incredibly tired in my transition to veganism.
-Since going vegan, I’ve been feeling light-headed, weak and nauseous.

36:29 Do you have any tips on blending for someone who doesn’t have a good blender?

- Love -

42:50 How do you stay up when your personal life brings you down?

49:02 Do you have any advice on being vegan in social situations with sit-down meals?

55:29 What can I use clean up after my pets?

- Look -

58:06: Are piercings and tattoos toxic to your body?

- Feel -

- Act -

- Live Q&A -

1:06:45 Do you have any tips for building an eco-vegan business?

1:13:04 Do you know of any natural products that take stains?

1:16:39 What would you recommend for sleep?

1:21:30 Are blenders better than juicers? I hate cleaning juicers.

1:24:31 What basic seasonings can I use to make veggies taste great?

1:27:37 Comment: The healthiest hours for sleeping is between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

1:31:18 Blendtec or Vitamix?

1:31:49 How to do you incorporate mental self-care with an eco-friendly perspective?

1:34:00 Comments: Chelation is helpful for detoxing heavy metals.

1:36:00 Do you have any tips for getting rid of/preventing gall bladder stones?

1:39:42 Is tempeh better for you than tofu? Can you suggest another alternative to tofu?

1:42:55 Do you have any idea for easy, vegan lunches to pack for kids?

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